Chip Tries Ellen’s Paws Up Club Box

Chip and Biskit got to try out the new Paws Up cat subscription box and we are here to spill all the deets!

Side note – we were not compensated for this article and everything is our opinion!

In this article, we will go through our first impressions of this new cat subscription box and explain why we like (and don’t like) subscription boxes!

Our Experience With the New Paws Up Box

So far, I have had no issues with this new subscription box! We received our first box in fall 2023. In fact, if I’m right, this was the first box that was launched by Ellen’s Paws Up.

With all subscription boxes, I hope for a few things:

  • Creative packaging
  • Useful & unique products (I’m not a fan of filler junk!)
  • Personalized content
  • Promoting small businesses

One big win that I noted with the Paws Up Box was that there seems to be a big push for promoting small businesses, which is important to a!

Especially when it comes to cats, I could easily hop on Amazon or drive down to Target if I wanted some cat treats or wet cat food.

But the appeal of a cat subscription box is that I can get unique products that I can’t easily find or get! And especially, products from brands that I have not heard of before!

In our box, we received a coloring book, treats, a cat cake mix kit, among other cute products. I thought it was an appropriate amount of items considering the price. At time of writing this, it is approximately $25-$28 for a box, depending on which billing choice you choose!

What Are Cat Subscription Boxes?

Cat subscription boxes have gained a ton of popularity among recently, since they provide us cat parents a way to treat our pets (and, us!).

Ellen Degeneres’s “Paws Up Box” is just one of the many new cat subscription boxes to recently hit the market.

Competitor boxes offer unique twists and features, each catering to the distinct preferences of both cats and their owners.

One competitor is the “WhiskerBox,”. This subscription service provides a mix of premium toys, treats, and accessories, often incorporating a theme for each box.

They ensure that cats receive items tailored to their play preferences and dietary needs. WhiskerBox stands out for its attention to detail and the element of surprise it brings to subscribers.

Another cat subscription box we’ve tried is called “Meowbox,”. I’ve received two boxes from Meowbox and thought they had the cutest, unique toys! All the items were specifically made to match the month’s theme.

For those passionate about sustainability, “KitNipBox” is a great eco-friendly option. This subscription service prioritizes environmentally conscious products, incorporating items made from recycled materials and supporting ethical brands. KitNipBox’s dedication to reducing its ecological footprint sets it apart as a choice for environmentally conscious cat owners.

In the realm of charitable giving, “Cat Lady Box” stands out by supporting feline welfare organizations. A portion of each subscription fee is donated to shelters and rescues, making it a choice for cat lovers who want their purchases to contribute to a greater cause.

While Ellen Degeneres’s “Paws Up Box” is new to the scene, I love how each cat subscription box out there is tailored to a different group of cat parents. Plus, it gives you the option to choose what fits you and your kitty best!


Why Get a Cat Subscription Box?

Benefits of Getting a Cat Subscription Box:

Why should you consider getting a cat subscription box? Cat subscription boxes offer a ton of benefits for both cats and their owners!

First, the element of surprise and variety is a major factor. That’s what I love most about them!

The boxes typically have a fun mix of toys, treats, and accessories (collars, coloring books, etc.) that keep the environment dynamic and engaging, preventing boredom and promote mental stimulation.

Subscription boxes also serve as a convenient way for cat owners to discover new and innovative products without the hassle of researching and shopping for individual items.

This not only saves time but introduces owners to products they might not have otherwise discovered.

Moreover, cat subscription boxes can be a cost-effective way to spoil your kitty! The bundled items in a subscription box are typically priced lower than if purchased separately, offering good value for money.

Many subscription services also tailor their offerings to suit specific dietary needs or age groups, ensuring that the items received are well-suited for the individual cat.

Considerations for Subscribing:

While cat subscription boxes have numerous advantages, there are factors to consider before committing to a subscription.

The biggest consideration is the individual preferences and sensitivities of your cat. Some cats may be picky eaters or have specific dietary restrictions, so it’s important to choose a subscription service that accommodates your cat’s needs.

Similarly, cats have varying preferences for toys, and not every cat may be equally enthused about the items in a given box.

Additionally, owners should assess the frequency and quantity of items in each box to determine if it aligns with their cat’s consumption and play habits. Some cats may be content with a monthly delivery, while others may prefer a more or less frequent schedule. Many have quarterly options!

Subscription costs and commitment periods are also a big reason many don’t subscribe to these types of boxes.

While many services offer flexibility, it’s crucial to choose a subscription plan that fits within your budget and lifestyle.

Lastly, consider reading reviews or seeking recommendations to ensure that cat subscription box you choose meets yours expectations and provides a positive experience for both you and your cat!


Are Cat Subscription Boxes Worth It?

This is hard to answer, because you can find plenty of people pro-subscription box and anti-subscription box.

For many, the excitement of receiving a curated box filled with surprises is a joyful experience. The convenience of having high-quality treats, toys, and accessories delivered to the doorstep without the hassle of shopping is a significant advantage.

The variety offered in subscription boxes allows cats to explore new textures, tastes, and play styles, promoting mental and physical stimulation.

This can be really beneficial for indoor cats who may lack opportunities for diverse experiences. The cost-effectiveness of subscription boxes, where the bundled items often come at a lower price than purchasing them individually, is also a big win.

However, the decision to subscribe should be made with consideration of the cat’s individual preferences and dietary needs. Some cats may be more selective with treats or toys, and owners should ensure that the contents of the subscription box align with their cat’s taste and lifestyle.

Also, some boxes may provide a ton of unique products, while others include items you could easily go to Walmart and purchase.

I personally like the element of surprise, appreciate the convenience, and are open to trying new products that are a good value.


When it comes to cat subscription boxes, the decision to subscribe is overall a matter of personal preference. We got to try out Ellen’s Paws Up Club cat subscription box and loved it! Both our cats got items that they enjoyed.

I personally loved the cake mix – this was an item I would have never found on my own but thought it was a super cute addition to celebrate my cat’s “Gotcha Day!”.

Overall, I am always open to trying new things, and cat subscription boxes allow me to try new cat products!

Note: This article is NOT sponsored by Ellen’s Paws Up Club Box and was written with honest opinions and was not swayed in any way.