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The Athlecat Cat Exercise Wheel

Cat wheels are becoming so popular, but with many new wheels available to buy, which is the best cat wheel on the market?

Chip and his sister, Biskit, have had the opportunity to try a new cat wheel by the brand Athlecat and wanted to give an update!

Now, this is not the cat’s first cat wheel. In fact, Chip and Biskit have had the opportunity to use cat wheels before. So, thankfully, they have something to compare the Athlecat cat wheel to!

The Athlecat Cat Wheel is a new cat wheel on the market that offers a large diameter, easy assembly, and a stop function.

This article will dive deep into a review of this cat wheel, as well as if Chip and Biskit recommend it or not!

You can check out the Athlecat cat exercise wheel here!

Benefits of Using Cat Wheels

Before diving in, for those of you who are new to the concept of cat wheels, it is important to explain what a cat wheel is!

While your kitty may resemble a stuffed animal most of the day (sleeping IS important!), they have a wild side that craves action. Cat exercise wheels are like their personal gyms!

These exercise wheels have boosted in popularity in recent years, providing a way for cats to play, chase, and potentially lose some weight!

Plus, one fun benefit is that you can bond with your cat when using a cat wheel. You can quickly teach a cat how to use a wheel by using a wand toy and treats, making it so it becomes an enjoyable experience!


What is Athlecat?

Just as a quick side note, Athlecat reached out to us awhile ago to send Chip one of their cat wheel to try. This isn’t a sponsored post, and all of our opinions are genuine!

Athlecat specializes in one thing: Cat Wheels!

They are a small company that has just recently launched their new cat wheel in the United States.


Design and Features

From our experience, the Athlecat Cat Exercise Wheel has a sleek and modern design that seamlessly blends into any home environment. We chose the black version, which we felt fit in with our décor very well!

Crafted with sturdy materials, the wheel offers a secure platform for cats of all sizes to run, play, and stretch their muscles. It does have a smooth, noiseless rotation, so Chip and Biskit can enjoy their workout without causing any disturbance to the household.

This cat exercise wheel is not the first one that our kitties have tried. So far it is the quietest option that we’ve tried!

Set Up

This was important to me – I have set up a different brand’s cat wheel before that took SO LONG and was a very tedious process.

One aspect of the Athlecat cat wheel that I appreciated was how it came with pre-assembled parts!

Yes, it still took about an hour to put it together, but this was NOTHING in comparison to another wheel that Chip and Biskit have owned!

To check out how the assembly for the Athlecat cat exercise wheel went, watch the video located at the beginning of this article.

Choosing the Best Cat Wheel For Your Kitty

When it comes to choosing the right cat exercise wheel for your kitty, a well-informed decision can make a world of difference!

Let’s go through few tips about how to navigate all the available options and make a wise choice that suits both your cat’s needs and your home environment.


Consider Your Cat’s Size and Activity Level:

Chip and Biskit have tried both small and larger cat wheels. I would personally recommend sticking to a larger wheel like the Athlecat exercise wheel, even if your kitty is smaller for now.

Larger, more active cats may require a sturdier and larger wheel, whereas smaller or less active cats could do well with a smaller model. Consider your cat’s weight, length, and how much they enjoy physical activity to determine the appropriate size.

Simply put, if you have a cat like a Bengal, or one with wild energy like Biskit, a large wheel is the way to go!


Wheel Design and Safety:

Examine the design and safety features of the cat exercise wheel. Look for a wheel with a comfortable and non-slip running surface to ensure your cat’s paws can grip securely.

There are plenty of cheap cat wheels out there that I had once considered. Especially for a product that your cat is going to be running on, you do not want to risk any injuries!


Adjustable Speed Settings:

Some cat exercise wheels offer adjustable speed settings, allowing you to control the intensity of your cat’s workout. Others have lock functions, like the Athlecat. And most do not have any additional features.

Having a lock, for example, is a good feature to consider having, because it helps keep your kitty safe when it isn’t best for them to play around with the wheel!


Noise Level:

Consider the noise level of the wheel during operation.

As mentioned earlier, we have had a cat wheel that could be heard across the house!

A quiet wheel ensures that your cat can enjoy their exercise without creating a disturbance in your home.


Installation and Maintenance:

Set up is a huge consideration when looking to buy a cat wheel!

We have tried a cat wheel before that took hours to put together, and caused elbow tendonitis just from the incredible amount of manual work it took to assemble it!

The Athlecat cat exercise wheel was much quicker to assemble, and I was able to do it in just under an hour by myself!


Budget and Reviews:

Lastly, consider your budget and consult user reviews and recommendations!

While it’s tempting to go for the cheapest option, investing a bit more in a high-quality cat exercise wheel can pay off in terms of durability and long-term satisfaction.

Make sure to go through tons of reviews from other cat owners prior to deciding on which cat wheel to get! This can provide valuable insights into the performance and durability of specific models.

Overall Impressions!

The Athlecat cat exercise wheel has been a great addition to our home!

Biskit, Chip’s sister, is very interested in the cat wheel, and they both have played around on it without any prompting.

In fact, Biskit ran for her first time on a wheel – on camera, too! Chip has not ran on the Athlecat wheel yet, but he has walked on it when prompted, so that is something!

After owning it for a few weeks to the date of writing this, we can confidently say that the Athlecat cat exercise wheel is a great product. It is sturdy, very quiet, and it is plenty large enough for the kitties to run on!

Plus, we have been impressed with the communication what we have had with the Athlecat team!

So far, we have had no issues, so I know that Chip and Biskit have plenty of exciting playtime in the future with this product!

Click here to learn more about the Athlecat cat exercise wheel!