Hey there, I´m Chip and I love making people smile!

Chip was born in 2019 and has been a lovable and playful furrrined ever since! We began sharing Chip’s adventures in late 2020, and Chip’s videos and photos have been shared millions of times, with more views on his videos than people in the USA!

With warm eyes and soft, fluffy fur, he actually is a unique sight due to his lack of a tail! His is a Manx breed cat, meaning he was born without a tail!

In Chip’s videos you can find him jumping, chasing, running, playing, licking, and of course, EATING! His sister, Biskit The Calico also plays a huge role in his videos and in his life.

We are so grateful to have our furry friend as a part of our family, and we hope you continue to enjoy his fun videos on all of his social media!

Chip can be found in many places, wherever you are online! Click on a link to follow, subscribe, and enjoy!

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Chip has collaborated with dozens of brands, BIG and SMALL! We have rates that can fit any company – you’ll find his portfolio and current rates through the link below. Click the link and let’s chat, furrriend!